Freeform Interdenominational Praise & Worship
Every 4th Saturday of the month, 6pm, 8pm Potluck Dinner


The word psalms is derived from the Greek Ψαλμοί (Psalmoi), perhaps originally meaning "music of the lyre"
or "songs sung to a harp" and then to any piece of music.  From psallein "play upon a stringed instrument" and then
to "make music in any fashion".  The book of Psalms is in the Bible. - Wikipedia.org

Next Event:

Saturday, January 27, 2018, 6pm

You may bring any musical instrument of your choice for all-play. 
Chords and lyrics will be displayed on a screen.

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Venue: Calverton Baptist Church
12625 Galway Drive, Silver Spring, MD 20904

Organized by HopeSide & others



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