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Pr. Jeffery Paul
Sat. Oct. 2, 2021, 10am-1pm - Online & Onsite
Fellowship Lunch info, Directions, Tel: 301 576 2611


Home Meetings at 10702 Cherry Tree Ct., Hyattsville, MD 20783

HopeSide's Lease Terminated For Being Adventist | The Dangers of Calvinism

You are family @HopeSide!

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HopeSide's Social Statement - Oct. 1, 2020
"The house of God and the practice of Christianity can never and should never be associated with the ill treatment of anyone on any pretext or the non obedience to ALL of God's moral laws summarized in the Ten Commandments." Read the official Adventist position here regarding human relations issued on Sept. 15, 2020.

SMS - Short Message Service to Refute Errors


Online Mid-Week & Saturday Morning Meetings by Zoom (811 749 11656, PWD: hs) and YouTube.Com/MyHopeSide - Every Wed. 7:30pm  Flyer

Online Friday Vespers at 8pm every week. Many speakers arranged.  ZOOM - 811 749 11656, PWD: hs, Flyer

Women's Bible Study is every Saturday at 3pm EST by ZOOM only.  ID: 885 0487 2744, Passcode: 480938

eBook to read: Temptations, Trials and Deliverance
by Dr. Raj Kumar Chavakula

Telugu Songs (English Transliterated)

Transportation and misc. help resources for seniors: 301 738 3252

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PSALMS (Interfaith Fellowship) is every 3rd week every three months at 6pm from March 20 in 2021 (PDF)
Watch and take part online. ZOOM ID - 811 749 11656, PWD: hs, YouTube.Com/myhopeside
Also check: HopeSide.Org/Psalms 

PraiseLive from Aug. 28, 2021, 7PM EST, PDF, (ZOOM: 811 749 1156: Pwd: hs) YouTube.com/praiselive

"In Times Like These"


"Staff Only"

Learn from the PAST, Understand the PRESENT, Prepare for the FUTURE  Flyer,  Flyer2
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Prophecy Live, Every Saturday 3pm-5pm EST, and Sundays 9am-11am by Robert Thottimpuri, ZOOM ID:  837-4436-4339
, PWD: pl
Sat. 9pm U.K, 10pm Africa, 1:30am India/ Sun. 2pm U.K., 4pm Africa, 7:30pm/8pm India, Bangladesh, 10pm Philippines
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