Outreach Matters

Week 4 – Community-Outreach Matters. When fully developed, this site will feature presentation topics that deal with equipping members for outreach and updating about the various local outreach efforts taking place, and educating the members about church community governance.  When on this site, a corresponding live web video channel or Community Channel will also launch on the top side where you see an illustrative graphic.  It will also be interactive with social commentary features.

Week 5 - Misc/Youth Matters.  When there's a week 5 in a month, the emphasis is on Youth or any other topic. Check here on YouTube for misc. topics uploaded.

This method and programming style of recurring monthly and weekly themes for the church to promote wholesome living and the hope of life to come, complemented by thematic web video channels and two-way social engagement to expand Gospel Outreach worldwide is original to HopeSide and was first developed in 2009-2010.  Our hope and prayer is that God will use this and or any appropriate method to bring people home to His kingdom.

Currently, the content that appears here only shows a recap of whatever happens at HopeSide Church every 4th and 5th week of any month with links to some interesting site theme related articles at the bottom.  Click here to see the playlist of topics under this theme currently uploaded on YouTube.

Jan. 22, 2022 - Recap
Sabbath School

"Jesus, Our Faithful Brother" - Hebrews 2:14, NKJV

Divine Service

"The Oracles of God" - 2 Tim. 3:14-17
by Mr. Donald Jesudason

"It could be that one of the greatest hindrances to evangelism is the poverty of our own experience."~Billy Graham


Jan. 29, 2022 - Recap

Sabbath School

"Jesus, the Giver of Rest" - (Hebrews 4:9, NKJV)

Divine Service

"Man's Wickedness and God's Perfections" -1 Samuel 25:24
by Mr. Saveen Miriyala

"There are two ways of spreading light: to be a candle or a mirror that reflects it."~Edith Wharton


Feb. 26, 2022 - Recap

Sabbath School

"Jesus, the Perfect Sacrifice" - Hebrews 10:14, NKJV

Divine Service

"Healing Waters" - Ezekiel 47:3-9
by Dr. Jesin Israel

"The fruit of love is service which is compassion in action."~Mother Teresa


March 26, 2022 - Recap

Sabbath School

"Let Brotherly Love Continue" - Hebrews 13:1

Divine Service

"Joy Unlimited" - 1 Thess. 5:13-16
by Dr. Vara Prasad Deepati

"Evangelism is not a professional job for a few trained men, but is instead the unrelenting responsibility of every person who belongs to the company of Jesus."~George Muller


April 23, 2022 - Recap

Sabbath School

"The Flood" - Matthew 24:37, NKJV

Divine Service

"Somebody or Nobody" - 1 Samuel 16:11
by Pr. A.S. Varekan

"We must talk to God about people before we talk to people about God."~D.L.Moody


April 30, 2022 - Recap

Sabbath School

"All Nations and Babel" - Deuteronomy 7:9, NIV

Divine Service

"The Suffering of the Righteous Brings Salvation" - Hebrews 2:10-12
by Dr. Sharath Babu

"If I could relive my life, I would devote my entire ministry to reaching children for God."~D.L.Moody


May 28, 2022 - Recap

Sabbath School

"Jacob the Supplanter" - Genesis 27:36, NKJV

Divine Service

"My Heart Desires for More" - 1 Chronicles 13:14
by Pr. Laban Rao

"There is no better evangelist than the Holy Spirit."~ Dwight L. Moody


June 25, 2022 - Recap

Sabbath School

"Israel in Egypt" - Genesis 47:27, NKJV

Divine Service

"The Joy of the Remnant" - Rev. 14: 6-12
by Dr. Vara Prasad Deepati

"We must be global Christians with a global vision because our God is a global God."~John Stott


July 23, 2022 - Recap

Sabbath School

"Seeing the Goldsmith's Face" - 2 Corinthians 3:18, NKJV

Divine Service

"You Are Not Your Own" - 1 Cor. 6:19
by Pr. Chinniah Nagendla

"If we are to better the future, we must disturb the present."~ Catharine Booth


July 30, 2022 - Recap

Sabbath School

"Extreme Heat" - Isaiah 53:10, NKJV

Divine Service

"Leaning On the Everlasting Arms" - Solomon 8:5

Dr. Jesin Israel

"The highest of distinctions is service to others."~King George VI


Aug. 28, 2021 - Recap

Sabbath School

"The Rhythms of Rest" - Gen. 2:3, NKJV

Divine Service
"Building God's Kingdom, the Church" - 2 Cor. 10:4-5
by Dr. Raj Kumar Chavakula

"The greatest gift you could ever offer anyone is the gift of salvation.  They'll thank you for a lifetime."~TeenEvangelism.Org


Sept. 25, 2021 - Recap

Sabbath School

"The Ultimate Rest" - 1 Cor. 2:9, NKJV

Divine Service

"The Spirit and the Bride" - Genesis 15:2
by Pr. Jeffery Paul

"The act of giving is the heart of happiness and community."~lifequip.com


Oct. 23, 2021 - Recap

Sabbath School

"To Love the Lord Your God" - Deuteronomy 6:5, NKJV

Divine Service

"Freedom in Jesus Our Lord" - John 8:31-36
by Elder Donald Jesudason

"If you had the cure to cancer, wouldn't you share it? You have the cure to death, get out there and share it"~ChristianQuotes.info


Oct. 30, 2021 - Recap
Sabbath School

 "The Stranger in Your Gates" - Deuteronomy 10:19, NKJV

Divine Service

"The Warning Message" - Rev. 14:6-9
by Mr. Meshech Paramanandam

"Jesus died for sinners, can't we live for them?"~Charles Spurgeon


Nov. 27, 2021 - Recap

Sabbath School

"Turn Their Hearts" - Deuteronomy 4:29, NKJV

Divine Service

"Endure Till the End" - Matt. 24:11-13
Ms. Beulah Babu

"An evangelist is like a newscaster on television or a journalist writing for a newspaper...except that the evangelist mission is to tell the Good News that never changes."~Unknown


Nov. 30, 2019 - Recap

Sabbath School

"Trials, Tribulations, and Lists" - Nehemiah 10:29, NKJV

Divine Service

"From Hopelessness to Hope" - Mark 11:22-24
by Pr. Lawrence Francis

"Being an extrovert isn't essential to evangelism – obedience and love are."~Rebecca Pippert


Dec. 25, 2021 - Recap

Sabbath School

"The Resurrection of Moses" - Jude 9, NKJV

Divine Service

"Are You Satisfied with Christmas?" - Matt. 1:21
by Pr. Jeffery Paul

"Peace on earth will come to stay when we live Christmas every day."~ Helen Steiner Rice


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