SHORT MESSAGE SERVICE to refute errors

1. Jesus is the Sabbath so we don't have to keep the Sabbath.

Ans: If Jesus is the Sabbath, then do what Jesus said about the Sabbath which is that we are to keep the seventh day of every week holy by resting from work and engaging in a public meeting for worship.  Jesus never said that He is the Sabbath but He did say that He is the Lord of the Sabbath which means rest.  Without rest there cannot be restoration or resurrection.

2. Can you be saved by keeping the Sabbath?

Ans: All can be saved by doing what God says which is to believe Him by keeping all His moral laws as reflected in the Ten Commandments.  No one will be saved by knowingly and intentionally break God's moral laws as revealed in the original Ten Commandments which define sin, right and wrong.  The Bible defines "sin" as the transgression of God's moral laws.

2. Law vs. Grace

Ans: The Law is Grace codified or spelled out very clearly so there's no confusion.  When we keep the law or God's moral laws as revealed in the unchangeable Ten Commandments, we make grace or favor possible for all the good to prevail.  When we do not lie, cheat or steal, we make grace or favor possible for goodness to prevail.  All things in the universe operate by laws.

More topics will be addressed with biblical scriptural links given on an ongoing basis...check this page from time to time and feel free to ask any questions or correct us of any errors on any subject.  Thank you.